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There are many projects outside a home involving a handy man carpenter to get the job done. Some outside projects can be decking, fencing, garden boxes, chicken coop, lattice, custom lawn chairs, sanding, staining, re-finishing, wood siding for a house or out building, work bench, shed, landscape covered area, dog house, decorative items, benches, flower boxes, pergola, gazebo, patio seating, railing,  tables, outdoor games like giant jenga or corn hole, visrticle planters, outdoor bar, wood stands for flower baskets, steps, picnic table, and much more. 


Having a carpenter professionally remodel your bathroom  can be a life changer. Many people purchase a home with the thoughts of remodeling the bathroom some day. The thought of doing it on their own sounds like a fun challenge but often times it never actually gets done or done right. Hiring a carpenter to get the look you desire is going to be your best option. Many of our customers have been so pleased with their decision to have a professional. Carpenters have a trained eye and a working knowledge of experience with different materials. In each project we apply our best knowledge to bring the best results.  


Kitchen carpentry is an art in itself. This is one of the rooms in the house you end up spending most of your time in and it makes sense you want it to be exactly how you want it to be. A kitchen should be both functional and elegant in order for you to have the best experiences in it. The quality of hand crafted cabinet doors and drawers can take your kitchen to the next level. Some times all a kitchen needs is a little resurfacing and finish work to make it look brand new again. Ask us about different options for your kitchen and how we can make it happen. 

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Hiring a professional carpentry company is a smart choice for many different reasons. A lot of people honestly have no idea what to do with their projects when something goes wrong. It's one skill to finish a job and it's another to do it right. There are strict regulations we have to follow when it comes to safely and finishing our work in a professional manner. If we are adding custom trim inside a house, doing a routine exterior stair build, or doing a full kItchen or bathroom remodel, our team works together in order to provide the best service available in your area. We take pride in our work and have found others do too. Our job is done when the customer is happy. Today you have the chance to start your project with Carpenter Home Service and see it come to life. I'm sure you won't regret it!

The carpenter's tools and the carpentry trade have come a long way over the years. Projects are not as simple as they used to be and technology continues to push the industry forward. We strive to increase our education daily in order to keep up with the best leading edge products and procedures. As our knowledge continues to grow with each job we apply it to the next one. This guarantees we are always providing our current customers with our best service. If you come across any specific questions about what we do or how it works please feel free to ask us. We are happy to educate the population more and to help others understand the importance of keeping everyone safe. We especially like to talk about our tools! If you see one of our trucks driving down the road make sure to give us a wave!

Where do carpenters typically work?

You can find a carpenter working in a variety of different environments doing a variety of different things. You might find a carpenter on a construction site, or in the residential or commercial settings. Some carpenters focus their skills on a specific task like cabinetry or finish carpentry. The carpenter's job takes him or her inside and outside on different occasions.

What makes a good carpenter?

One of the top most important quality of a good carpenter is physical strength and stamina. Our job is very physical and it requires a long lasting energy to get the job done. Our energy is important because we need it to do a lot of hardworking and we need it to continue for long hours. Physical fitness is part of the job and it requires a lot of arm and body strength. So what makes a good carpenter you ask? Well it is someone who is fit for the job and willing to work hard until the job is finished right. A good carpenter thinks everything through multiple times and uses the types of wood, materials and tools he has available to him/her. 

What type of education do we have?

A typical carpenter will have a high school diploma and will have completed an apprenticeship where they learn skills of the trade from a seasoned carpenter who has gone before them. From there, a lot of the carpenter's continuing education comes from experience. Each carpenter comes with a skillset slightly different from the next, but one thing we all have in common is that we are willing to work and we are will to learn. Part of doing a job well pushes us to always be learning and growing from our experiences.

How do carpenter's charge?

A carpenter's projects are typically charged based on the following guidelines: 1. the complexity of your design, 2. the choice of materials used, 3. and the amount of time it takes to get done. All of these variables are going to impact the carpenter's cost to complete your job for you. Due to the work being customized to each project, a carpenter may have to meet you first and see your location before finalizing a quote. It is best to give us a call so we can behind the process of helping you out. 

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